Products - Drum and Pail

Carando Technologies designs, fabricates, and supports maintenance of highly robust, completely custom machines to suit each customer’s exact needs.
Resistance Welders/Feeders
. Carando resistance welding equipment feeds, rolls, welds and planishes the welded seams. These machines comprise an integral portion of the production lines in the steel drum and pail industries, and home appliance industries.

The Welding Complex consists of a sheet feed system incorporating two bundle staging stations configured in tandem or an A/B arrangement. Each station is equipped with a hydraulically actuated lift platform on which steel drum body sheets rest atop steel pallets. Loading of pallets to the each of the bundle stations is provided by customer supplied fork lift truck
Carando Welding Machinery Cycle at rates as low as 300 to 1200/cycles per hour.
They will include;
Low FriCarandoon, Single Necklace Style-Hourglass or Tucking Roll Lap Seam Control
Quick Change Roll Assembly
Medium Frequency DC Bosch Rexroth Weld Control
Real Time Current Compensation
Touch Screen Operator Interface
Body Roll Position Readout
Hinged Lower Secondary
Servo Actuated, Dual Stage Shuttle From Body Roll To Weld Wheels.
Standard Two (2) Position, Positive, Weld Wheel Shifting Device-Automatic Dressing
Upper & Lower Direct Gear Drive (Knurl-free) Weld Wheel System
Upper & Lower Fully Automatic Weld Dressers
Bar Stock Secondary For Increased Welding Efficiency
Power Body Roll Adjustment
Self-Compensating Silver Shoe Current Contactors-Precision Roller Bearing Mounted
As Carando equipment is manufactured to the Customers specifications, numerous product ranges can be accommodated. Please contact us for detailed quotes and configurations.  
Forming & Seaming
Carando forming and seaming equipment swedges, beads/W-Bead corrugates, feeds and attaches the tops and bottoms to drums and pails.
Precurling – Testing – Misc Equipment
  Precurl equipment will feed, pre-curl and eject 22-1/2” drum ends at a maximum rate of 1700 cycles per hour. Parts are transported with the Flange “Down” or Flange “UP” positions and can be set up for either double or triple seam flange curls.

Carando also provides testing equipment for both Drum and Pail lines that can be positioned after welding and/or after seaming to assist in your quality control programs.

Carando Blank and Form Dies
All Carando Dies have A.I.S.I. D-2 Tool Steel cutting edges (high carbon, high chrome), hardened to Rockwell "C" scale 60-62. Forming members are A.I.S.I. A-2 Tool Steel, hardened to 58-60 Rockwell "C". Balance of die is mild steel. Replacement rings and cut edges are available for all Carando Dies and can be ordered separately at any time.
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